I want to learn Dutch

You are new in Holland and you want to learn the language.
To give you proper advice it is necessary to consider which country you come from.
Refugees from Syria, Irak, Iran, Afghanistan, Somalia, Ethiopia etc. can go to
Vluchtelingenwerk Maasdelta, ‘s Gravenlandseweg 565, Schiedam.

When you are a “statushouder” or when you are a Citizen from the European Union, Turkey, Marokko and countries whose citizens are not required to follow an “Inburger programma”, you can come to our offices for advice:

You can find “het Taal+loket” at:

The library ‘in de Korenbeurs’, Lange Haven 145. Openings hours:
Wednesday: 14.00-16.30
Friday: 10.15-12.15

The ‘Stadswinkel’, Stadserf 1. Openings hours:
Thursday: 17.45-19.45

There we will help you to find the course that suits you best.
We are glad to see you at the TAAL+LOKET.